Why Amazon PPC Search Term Report shows ASIN keywords?

Doing my weekly management of an Auto Targeted Campaign in Amazon the first thing I check is Amazon PPC Search Term Report that shows which terms drove people to my product.

Amazon Auto Targeting Campaign

Downloading the report, I found that along with normal search terms I got plenty of strange numbers.

Amazon Search Terms Report

Navigating and analyzing the products search path in Amazon, I just discovered that those numbers are actually the ASIN number of a competitive product which can be found in the URL of that product or under Product details section:

Amazon Product Details

It seems to me unlikely that users are typing in this many ASIN numbers (or even know them). Besides that, in my Manual Targeting campaigns there are no any ASINs in the Search Term Report.

So, how this product ASIN number arrived in my product Search Term Report?

In an Automated Targeting campaign, the ads show up in the Sponsored Products box on competing product. I click on one of the competing products, and under the section “Sponsored Products Related To This Item” I saw my product appearing.

It seems, that a user searching for a search term relevant to my product selected a competitive product. But arriving on their product page, they did not like something, and decided to choose my product displayed in the section “Sponsored Products Related To This Item”.

Amazon Sponsored Related Products;

Thus, in the search term report, instead of having the proper search term the user arrived on the competitor’s product page, it shows actually the ASIN of the product, from which page he actually arrived on my products page. And this make sense actually.

So, what to do with this ASINs in the search term report? Many add them as negative keywords.

In my case they even generated some sales. I would rather create a separate manual targeting campaign dedicated to this ASINs as keywords and monitor the impact.

Another option to use it to discover additional relevant keywords. For this purpose I found Reverse ASIN Keyword Tool. You have to just type in the ASIN number and you’ll get the keywords of your competitors used in Amazon PPC Campaigns.